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New Website In The Works

Oh hai my old website.

So yeah, I haven’t updated this website in quite a while, sorta got away from me. There’s a lot that needs to be done and finding the time to re-do the website is near impossible but I have plans to redesign and re-do the whole website here and to bring everything up to date. In case any traffic is leading here, just wanted to let people know that I haven’t forgotten about this website or anything.

For now though, most up to date info about me or my music and what I’m doing you will be able to find at most of the social media links on the left over there. Thanks for checking out my website!

Star Particles EP early release + Patreon

The long awaited Star Particles EP is finally here, featuring 4 Drum & Bass tracks by Mellow Sonic and myself in collaboration.  Forthcoming on Cosmicopia Records December 25th, but you can grab it early on my Bandcamp:


I’ve also finally setup my Patreon where I’m giving away tons of music and anything new I create, so if you’re interested in that, you can check that out here:


NOTE:  Also added a new page to the top menu bar, Upcoming Releases, you can check out what will be forthcoming from me and when.

New Releases and New Free Tunes!

Busy couple o’ months!  Been a while since I updated so I got a lot to throw at ya:

Brand new free single by myself, Cybernetika, Mellow Sonic, and Xenofish.  This was a ton of fun with the 4 of us collaborating so enjoy this one!

Next a new release out on Cosmicopia Records, some heavy dark DnB featuring Cybernetika, check it:

Last but not least. Bootlegs & Remixes Vol. 2 is coming shortly and I’ve gone ahead and released one of the tracks as a freebie you can grab right now (the album will be free once it releases)

YouTube – Soundcloud

Happy listening!

Bootlegs & Remixes Vol. 1 OUT NOW

Bootlegs & Remixes out now!  Listen and download for free by clicking the picture below!

DISCOGS:  -processing-
LABEL:  https://shivaxi.bandcamp.com
CAT:  Bootlegs & Remixes Vol. 1
RELEASE DATE:  July 13th, 2015
GENRE:  Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, Dubstep


1. Alestorm – Drink (Shivaxi Bootleg)
2. Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Hideous (Shivaxi VIP Remix)
3. Dom & Roland – Trauma (Shivaxi Remix)
4. Celldweller – The Lucky One (Shivaxi Remix)
5. Dune – Can’t Stop Raving (Shivaxi Bootleg)
6. Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Shivaxi Bootleg)
7. Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Shivaxi Remix)
8. M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Shivaxi Bootleg)
9. Gregory Alper & Jeehun Hwang – Arkham Bridge (Shivaxi Remix) [MechWarrior 2]
10. Dan Wentz – Worlds Apart (Shivaxi Bootleg) [FreeSpace]

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