About Shivaxi

Name: Roman Rhyse-Klecanda

Age: 20 (when I wrote this)


I first got into Drum and Bass when I was 14 via a friend showing me a few things, the first of that being Noisia – The Tide. I was instantly hooked. Then decided to take up producing DnB when I was 15, which started with a school project. Though I had experimented with making music before, I had never actually made anything on my own. One of my school teachers got me into the Reason program and taught me how to use it, and ever since then I’ve been constantly creating and experimenting with music.

I was also very interested in DJing once I learned how it’s done. So I started with some MP3 mixing via Audacity and Ableton at first, but eventually at the age of 17, I bought myself a pair of Pioneer CDJ 400’s to try the real thing (as real as it gets without Vinyl anyway). I’ve been DJing since then on a few internet radio stations I’ve been picked up by, and am currently DJing at www.dnbradio.com